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Alex Kralie

Director / Writer / Editor / Actor

Alex Kralie, born April 4th 1986, has been into making films since his early childhood, when he would make short sketch comedy videos starring himself and his cousins with his parents camcorder. He would then show them at “premieres” to his friends and family. That love has since remained with Alex, where he has been involved in many different capacities in various filmmaking communities. He is a double major in both filmmaking and photography, with a minor in theatre. He originally wrote Marble Hornets during high school and has continuously tweaked and polished it throughout his time at the university. He’s very excited to finally see it all happening after years of work!

Likes: Film, Directing, Art, my dog rocky.
Dislikes: Fakery, creative bankruptcy, passionless people, 9 to 5 jobs, unambitiousness, bad movies and film.

Brian Thomas


Brian has been attending the university for three years, and is hoping to graduate after his next couple of semesters with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in video production. He originally met Alex in Dr. Warren’s cinematography class where they collaborated on quite a few projects together. He’s very happy to be making his acting debut in Marble Hornets!


Sarah Reid


Sarah is an actor based in and around the university area. She has been involved in many productions both onstage and in front of the camera. She was most recently seen as Celia in the university’s production of As You Like It.


Tim Wright


After originally meeting Alex through their mutual friend Brian, Tim was brought on board to the Marble Hornets cast after a promising audition. He is attending the university He will also soon be scoring the film, bringing in a unique analog style rarely heard in films these days.

Seth Wilson

Camera / Co-Editor

Bio coming soon!

Jay Merrick

Bio coming soon!